Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865   Mary Whitney Phelps ~ Tent #22 ~ Springfield, Missouri 

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President's Message

January 2016

Dear Sisters of Tent 22,

     Happy New Year everyone!  On behalf of Tent 22, I want to thank Doris Jones, the Executive Board, and all our DUV Sisters for making 2015 such a successful and enjoyable year!  Doris, thank you so much for your two consecutive years as President!  You stepped up when the call was made and handled your position with grace and organization.  You forever have our praises and thanks!

     I would like to thank everyone for entrusting the Tent Presidency to me.  Our Tent is quite remarkable and it is exciting to know not only do we have sisters who have stepped forward in leadership positions but each sister continually supports and participates in many ways.

     As you know, I am currently in sunny Florida enjoying food, fun, and the beaches.  While away Carmen Boyd our Senior Vice President will be conducting our meetings and all events or reports will be handled the same as usual. 

     We all enjoy the connection with our National Organization through access to the National Website.  I have been quite impressed with this site and even more so after a recent conversation with one of our PNP.  How many of you know what PNP stands for?  I have become interested in our history and why we do things the way we do or should do.  I plan in the next year to become more familiar with our past and how we can blend then and now in our meetings.  I have a question…..what is the importance, why would the publisher of the National Website put on the main page “keep green the memory”…..where does this phrase come from?

     I look forward to a wonderful year celebrating life with our DUV Sisters.

In Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty to all,