President's Message 

May 2020

Greetings All. I would like to share updates on our tent projects.

We have been in the Covid19 crisis now for at least two months. As a pandemic, it not only affects
every person in the United States but worldwide. I pray that all of you and your families are staying
well and finding ways to cope and meet the difficult challenges that this virus has brought. Thanks to
all of those who have been essential workers as well as each of you who have found ways to help
others. Hopefully, the beginning of the recovery phase will go smoothly and we can once again begin
to interact with one another. We were created for human connection.

Our year started off with many plans but like many of you, my calendar became a list of canceled
events and meetings. Our tent has not been able to have an in-person meeting since February.
However, we are still busy working on our plans to place four markers over the next two years.

We are pleased to share that we have received a grant for one of those markers, a new headstone for
John and Roxanna Ray. They owned the well-known Ray House that is on the battlefield of Wilson's
Creek. The National DUVCW 1861-1865, recently created a Historic Preservation Committee offering
grants of up to $300. We submitted an application to help place the new headstone and received the
first grant to be awarded. Click on the link for information about the grant and the Rays article taken from
the National General Orders #3, issued May 2020, page 2.

The Rays had a slave named Rhoda who also was involved in the Battle of Wilson's Creek. Rhoda
married in 1868 and moved to Springfield. She died in 1897 and was buried at Hazelwood Cemetery
but never had a headstone. Hazelwood is providing us with a plot and her headstone has been ordered.
I am so pleased that we will be working with our African American Community to help dedicate her

All dedications have been on hold until we are able to have events and gatherings again. Information
will be posted on this website when those dedications are scheduled.

Our other two markers will be for George W. D. Kirkland, the son of Elizabeth Keckley, seamstress for
Mary Todd Lincoln. Mr. Kirkland joined the Union Army in 1861 and died in action on August 10,
1861 at the Battle of Wilson's Creek. Most of the soldiers were placed in mass graves on the
battlefield. When the Springfield National Cemetery opened in 1867, the remains were re-interred at
that location. There are over 700 headstones that read “Unknown.” Pvt Kirkland is one of those
unknowns. We have been working with the Springfield National Cemetery and Wilson's Creek
Battlefield to place markers at each of those locations. There is an approval process for each one but
we are hopeful that placement will be possible.

Please stay safe and well. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

In Fraternity, Loyalty, and Charity,
Patricia “Pat” Graham Haas



January 2020

 Welcome to the Mary Whitney Phelps Tent No. 22, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War,

1861-1865 website. Mrs. Phelps and husband John (later the Governor of Missouri) resided in
Springfield, Missouri during the Civil War. She was known for her compassionate care of soldiers
during the war and establishing an orphanage for both Union and Confederate orphans post war. To
learn more about Mary Whitney Phelps, click on the link with her name at the top of the homepage.

Based in Springfield, Missouri, we were chartered on October 3, 1999. Our current membership of 105
includes one Real Daughter (a woman whose father fought in the Civil War), one of the 4th great
granddaughters of John S. and Mary Whitney Phelps, and 10 duvs (young ladies age 8-19).

Tent No. 22 is a working tent. Its members actively participate in the objects of the organization,
including genealogical, historical, patriotic, and service and community projects. Some of the ongoing
tent projects include patriotic instruction for elementary school children, giving porch flags to residents
of new homes for Habitat for Humanity, and the Adopt-a-Veteran program at the Mt. Vernon Veterans'
Home to fulfill the veterans' Christmas wish lists. We have published several books and have placed
four historical markers, the most recent being Warden's Station Marker placed on November 3, 2019.
Each month, we have a “Celebration of Life” to honor the ancestor of one of our members.

Tent No. 22 is a member of the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation and supports the
national battlefield in various ways, including placing luminaries at Christmas
Missouri will be celebrating its Bicentennial in 2021. Plans are underway to place our tent information
on their website.

We do hope you enjoy our website, and, of course, we invite you to visit a tent meeting. Meetings begin
at 10:00 a.m. on the 3rd Saturday of the month at Trinity Lutheran Church, located at 1415 S. Holland
Avenue in Springfield (just west of Phelps Grove Park). We have interesting programs and a friendly
group of members who would welcome you.

In Fraternity, Loyalty, and Charity,
Patricia “Pat” Graham Haas