2021 Officers and Committee Chairs

President: Pat Haas

Senior Vice-President: Dee Dosch

Junior Vice-President: Brenda Carter

Chaplain: Judy Peace

Patriotic Instructor: Vacant

Treasurer: Fran Black

Council: #1- Kitty Crider, #2-Connie Bogner, and #3- Jody Clifton

Secretary: Patty Johnson

Registrar: Micki Dischinger

Press Correspondent: Modena Hostetler

Guide: Gere Masters

Guard: Sharon Williams

Assistant Guard: Maulene Sperko

Historian: Carmelita Tieskotter

Musician: Vacant

Color Bearer #1: Lily Bogner

Color Bearer #2: Kaiya Bogner

Color Bearer #3: Julia Crider

Color Bearer #4: Abi Phillips

duvs Chairman: Connie Bogner

State Owned Homes and Hospitals: Fran Black

VAVS: Fran Black

Web Mistress: Michalene Dischinger

Hospitality: Rose Jones

Counselor: Sally Bueno

Bylaws: Sally Bueno