Mary Whitney Phelps Tent #22 DUVCW Officers 2022-23

Elected Officers

President - Dee Dosch
Sr. Vice-President - Brenda Carter
Jr. Vice President - Sarah O'Quinn
Chaplain - Jeanette McKee
Treasurer - Janet Sing Perry
Patriotic Instructor - Fran Black
Council Members - Pat Haas, Kitty Crider, and Linda Charles

Appointed Officers

Counselor - Sally Bueno
Recording Secretary - Patty Johnson
Registrar - Micki Dischinger
Press Correspondent - Carmen Boyd
Guard - Sharon Williams
Assistant Guard - Maulene Sperko
Guide - Gere Masters
Historian - Pat Sneed
Color Bearers - Lili and Kaiya Bogner, Julia Crider and Willow Waters
duvs Chair - Connie Bogner
State Veteran Homes/VAVs - Fran Black
WebMistress - Micki Dischinger
Hospitality - Rose Jones
ByLaws - Sally Bueno
Photographers - Pat Sneed and Jan Murphy
Archives - Fran Black