Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861–1865

Mary Whitney Phelps ~ Tent #22 ~ Springfield, Missouri

Mary Whitney Phelps Tent #22 DUVCW Officers 2022-23


Tent 22 Officers DUV 12 18 21 003

Back L-R; Press Correspondent Carmen Boyd, Guard Sharon Williams, Counselor Sally Bueno, Council Member Linda Charles, Guide Gere Masters, Recording Secretary Patty Johnson, Registrar and Web Mistress Micki Dischinger, and duvs Chair Connie Bogner.  

Front L-R; Patriotic Instructor Fran Black, Chaplain Jeanette McKee, Jr. Vice-President Sarah O’Quinn, President Dee Dosch, Sr. Vice-President Brenda Carter, Treasurer Janet Perry and Council Member and outgoing President Pat Haas. 


Elected Officers

President - Dee Dosch
Sr. Vice-President - Brenda Carter
Jr. Vice President - Sarah O'Quinn
Chaplain - Jeanette McKee
Treasurer - Janet Sing Perry
Patriotic Instructor - Fran Black
Council Members - Pat Haas, Kitty Crider, and Linda Charles

Appointed Officers

Counselor - Sally Bueno
Recording Secretary - Patty Johnson
Registrar - Micki Dischinger
Press Correspondent - Carmen Boyd
Guard - Sharon Williams
Assistant Guard - Maulene Sperko
Guide - Gere Masters
Historian - Pat Sneed
Color Bearers - Lili and Kaiya Bogner, Julia Crider and Willow Waters
duvs Chair - Connie Bogner
State Veteran Homes/VAVs - Fran Black
WebMistress - Micki Dischinger
Hospitality - Rose Jones
ByLaws - Sally Bueno
Photographers - Pat Sneed and Jan Murphy
Archives - Fran Black