Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861–1865

Mary Whitney Phelps ~ Tent #22 ~ Springfield, Missouri

The idea of adding the new marker/headstone was presented to the Tent and it was readily approved as a project. Therefore, with the backing of Tent No. 22, the Lindsey Cemetery Board, the marker was ordered with the dedication scheduled on August 9, 2020, to coincide within one day of the anniversary of the Battle of Wilson's Creek.

Many Ray descendants were located and invited to the dedication. Fourteen of the descendants of John Ray and his 1st wife were in attendance and received certificates.


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duv dedication tent 222               

                                                    Tent 22 members (front row l to r) Sarah O’Quinn, Rose Marie Jones, Connie Perryman, Dee Dosch, Elaine Graham Estes,

                                                      Pat Haas, Dept. President, Joan Koechig, Modena Hosteller, Micki Dischinger, Jody Clifton, Cherrie Mann, Sally McAlear



John A.                Roxanna
Born TN              Born GA
Oct 16, 1816       Dec 1, 1819
Died                    Died
     June 22, 1875     Mar 30, 1876       

John Ray married widow Roxanna Steele
about 1849, both residents of Wilson
Creek, MO They built their home along
the Old Wire Road where John, a Unionist,
served as Postmaster for 10 years. They
had a thriving 420-acre farm with crops,
orchards, and livestock

(back side)

On August 10, 1861, the Ray's cornfield became
part of the Battle of Wilson's Creek.
While John watched from the porch, Rosanna,
Rhoda (the Ray's slave), he children, and
hired hand Julius Short took shelter in the
cellar. When the battle ended, they emerged
to find their home had been converted to a
field hospital. Whey they assisted the wounded
and dying, their crops and livestock were
confiscated. Afterward, the Rays restored
the farm, where they lived until their deaths.
Placed on 2020 by the Mary Whitney Phelps
Tent No. 22 Daughters of Union Veterans
of the Civil War, 1861-1865